If you have an IMPORTANT AND URGENT delivery that must be sent across the CITY OF MANCHESTER and absolutely must be at its destination POST HASTE you need a BICYCLE COURIER!  While an automobile will be stuck waiting on CLOGGED THOROUGHFARES our bicycles will be BREEZING PAST on their way to deliver important items to help keep the WHEELS OF COMMERCE in this NOBLE CITY turning!  Our RESPECTABLE AND VALUED clients include Textile Merchants, ALE HOUSES, Purveyors of FINE LUXURY GOODS, Solicitors, Barristers, Bankers, and other PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY, Producers of MOVING PICTURES and RECORDED MUSIC as well as many other types of RESPECTED TRADESMEN!  See the Services page for OUR PRICES, read the TESTIMONIALS OF  INDUSTRY in this GREAT CITY on the Clients page and most importantly find our TELEPHONE NUMBER on the Contacts page!
Manchester Messenger Company
Bicycle Couriers for Manchester