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How can an app help my business?

There's always a way to make things easier. That's what the Internet does. Theres a way in any business to make it run more efficiently, boost sales and income and save money on things that the internet can take care of that you might have had to pay for in times past like hiring a cash register or paying for a stocktaker.

What if I don't know anything about technology?

Our systems are always designed to be as simple as possible to use while getting the job done. If you can check social media or watch videos on the internet you already have the tech skills necessary. We're always here to support our clients in using their systems 24/7.

Do I own the software?

We operate a few different licenses. If it's a bespoke system then yes, the software is yours to do with as you please and we'll keep it updated for a yearly fee. For Systems like the Electric Landlady that need extra security we offer the software under a monthly subscription plan.

What about hosting the website or app or getting it onto the app stores?

We handle everything for the quoted price. Customer Support 24/7 is included in that price

Give us a shout if you've got a problem for us.

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